Safety Helmets Buyers Guide

At Capital Workwear our aim is to provide customers with every essential piece of work wear clothing necessary for the job.  This includes the correct headwear, with a range of safety helmets, hard hats and cotton caps at excellent, competitive only prices. 

Having the correct headwear and safety helmets onsite is essential for both safety and regulatory compliance. Whether you're working in the construction industry or in the kitchen, we have a range of headwear suitable for you needs.
Safety Helmets (Or hard hats!)Cheap safety helmets
They may not look pretty, but they're sure as hell essential to every day operations across building sites and industrial environments.
That's why we offer a selective range of hard hats at Capital, including the Proforce Comfort safety helmet from just £3!
Suitable for use on constructions sites, this helmet comes in a variation of colours and is produced from high-density polythene, with a plastic harness that has slider adjustment. Also on offer are the Proforce Premium Safety Helmet and Centurion 1125 Reduced Peak Safety Helmet. The Centurion 1125 is the highest quality hard hat you can find out there, with a comfortable six point mounted fully adjustable terylene harness and high density polythene shell.
Safety chin strapsOne Size Fits All Caps!
Looking for a cotton cap? We supply a range of one-size-fits-all cotton baseball caps for dinner ladies, removal men and many others.
You can even get your cotton cap fitted with your business logo today thanks to our embroidery service - check it out here! Our 5 Panel Unlined Cotton Cap is a prime example of quality and competitive pricing - take a look!
Also available in our range of safety helmets comes the Proforce Chin Strap which comes available to fit and work with all of Proforces ranges of helmets available above!
Check out all of our safety helmets and head wear here!
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