A wide variety of all important Hi-Vis jackets are available online now!

Available are bomber jackets to rain jackets to traffic jackets.

The Hi-Vis Jacket is the most common form of Hi-Vis clothing and it used across a wide amount of professions.

Our jackets come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

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Hi-Vis Jackets

Available online are a wide range of Hi-Vis jackets, an essential for winter. On offer is a variety of jackets including those with hoods, bomber jackets and different coloured Hi-Vis jackets.

We stock a wide range of branded Hi-Vis jackets including Sealtex, Portwest and Proforce. All of our Hi-Vis jackets are certified to EN471 class.

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Portwest Hi Vis Traffic Jacket
From £20.70 inc. VAT
Sealtex Ultra Lined Jacket
From £45.90 inc. VAT
Portwest Hi Vis 4 in 1 Traffic Jacket
From £46.72 inc. VAT
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