Catering Clothing Buyer's Guide

At Capital Workwear, we provide a wide range catering clothing for the industry. For many, having the correct and proper catering clothing is mandatory in the workplace, with hygiene and standards under constant constraints. With this in mind, various types of catering clothing for both men and women is available.

Upper body clothing

Various types of upper body catering clothing is available online. A wide range of aprons are available for the food industry, including Butchers Aprons, Cotton Bib Aprons and the Premier Workwear 3 Pocket Apron which offers a shorter style bar apron with 3 open pockets.

Food coats are also available for both men and women. These food coats are built in a lighter weight material and are suitable for industrial laundering, ranging in sizes from Small to 4XL.

Lower Body Clothing

At current, four types of trousers are available in our catering clothing range:

Catering Footwear

Four types of catering footwear is currently available online:

Catering Headwear

We also supply catering headwear that help protect from food and potential contamination by stray head hairs. Available are Mob Caps by the 100, Chefs Skull Cap and Trilby Hat.

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